Saturday, May 31, 2008

the nearly-summer report

yes, it's true... summer's almost here. no more jeans or sweaters, now it's shorty-short-shorts and bikini tops - shirts optional. if you don't already have your perfect all-over tan, better get started... soon! and lay off those chocolates; run or something. you need to look your best!
only a week of school left... but in that week are exams. and you need to pass. so study, as much as it might suck.
so yeah. just stick in there one more week and top it off by finishing your summer wardrobe... actually, it never really ends, does it? just tapers off in the fall. what fun would summer be if we never went shopping?
SO. you definitely need to have short shorts (white, plaid, denim, all shades... as many as you like!), chunky bracelets (this african-tribal thing works with pretty much anything. just not formal stuff). bright swimsuits are acceptable... all the way. bright anything is, really.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
okeydoke. yeah YAY summer!!! and i still need money for all those fabulous clothes and shoes and EVERYTHING... those gladiator sandals are to DIE for, i <3 them!!! of course, mostly in bright colors... green, pink, with a brown and gold thrown in there too.
but as for now, i'm off to art in the park... yeah. yippee. but i look cute so it's all good :)

- R

Thursday, May 15, 2008

mud, mud, and more mud!!!

so yeah. today was the last track practice.

lol it was fun though, we had an adventure run... which was to get all muddy, then have a piggyback race and ride around the track on one of those little bikeish things. which was interesting, seeing as i couldn't steer it really, and almost crashed twice, did a few 360s and had some cool skidding turns. lol :P
then, after we were technically done, bekah and i went back and had a mud fight and did some slides, and threw mud at guys who weren't muddy at all. haha :P
so yeah that's about it for now.
toodles :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

fidgeting and hedging...

yes. it’s 11:40 on saturday night and this stupid confirmation sponsor interview is due.



yes i KNOW i’ve procrastinated it… by… 5 months or so…
wow, that is a long time to procrastinate something. i should get a medal or something.
anyway, i have practically no incentive to start working on it now. i’d be better off writing it on a napkin at the donut thing after mass tomorrow morning before confirmation… i’m easily distracted by books, music, gum, colored pencils on my desk, comments on facebook, my laundry, my nails (which are in desperate need of attention… anything, basically. so yes. at the moment i’m just hedging around doing the actual work some more. listening to u2 is a good way to not work. lol.

sooooooo, yeah. stuff happened. i ate popcorn. i went to morp. i went shopping. i got drunk. (not). i did stupid stuff (yes). but my weekend has been pretty semi-normal. plus i didn’t run at all.
which i definitely feel like doing now.
who wants to come for a midnight run? come meet me in the street in a few. ;)