Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6.28 // sunday's outfit [naught but nautical]

naught but nautical
sort of a summery, colourful look here...
skirt – ON
tank – f21
bra – american eagle (!! I know, right?)
shoes – thrift?
plus some photography here...
yellowed rose by you.
solitary strawberry by you.

~ r

Friday, June 12, 2009


Thursday, June 11, 2009

At home sick instead of having fun at cedar point. Bllergghhhh

Friday, June 5, 2009

got a bit, ermmm, gussied up for school today… out lunch table had a bona fide indoors picnic, which got some stares, as per usual. (we gave our leftovers to the principle & other officials… haha)
really, really nice day. later changed into cutoffs and a scarf-gone-drapey-top(-which-presents-some-difficulties-with-wind-if-not-worn-with-a-bra).
went to another deliciously fun outdoors party/bonfire/riotous game of capture-the-flag (complete with wardrobe malfunction, ugh!)… and, of course, eating too many marshmallows. running up and down a 1/4-mile long “mountain” (hill) in the morning to work it off, haha.

exams are encroaching on my life10271591993


dress – f21
scarves – orchid lane
shoes – ??

soooo sleepy. nighty night.

oh, did i mention i am really, really sick of school? my brain is fried. totally, utterly blank. the theory of ‘being smart’ and ‘gaining knowledge’ at the end of the year is utter BS. everyone is dumb by june. someone asked me what 2 + 3 was and I said 6, and i am not a stupid person.
so there.

~ r