Friday, October 31, 2008

this was halloween, this was halloween....

good day. wore my lovely poodle skirt to school... changed in 5th hour to sweats :P
B gave me a ride home again, and i was much less awkward. until he brought up Yesterday. (i'll explain later). apparently he thought i meant 'awkward' as in, we don't have the same friends/see each other at school. NO. i meant, no eye contact sort of awkward. but whatever, we figured it out... we're going to try it, i think, and see how it goes. i think. my mind is a little (lot) bemused/confuzzled at the moment, i'm SO tired... i got 4 hours of sleep yesterday. meh.

so, halloween. i ended up going to patrick's instead of courtney's, and i'm glad i did. it was a lot of fun. but i crashed at like, 10. random bits:
halloween caroling
smoking people
k's crutches
clawing dewey's scalp for an hour
ping pong
k singing for rock band

so umm, yeah. that's about it.
a few random B-Sit deets: he doesn't like pink floyd (DIE), rides are less awkward but they're ending since i'm going to run now (tomorrow especially... i'm only taking 3 days off. lol. i can't take it anymore!), i left my xc jacket in his car, he ate a whole cupcake, and he said something along the lines of 'i'd do anything you told me to do.' ...yeah.
ok i'm crashing as we speak, sorry.
oh, talked to D about it. he said it's good, that i decided to say ahh wtf, what's the worst that could happen? so yeah.
OK really bye now. happy halloween :)

~ r

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

stockholm, how i love thee!

ahh, i do wish i was in stockholm. it seems that everyone there is The Next Big Thing, or at least dresses like they are. take her, for example: i *love* this.

latest buy: stitched flats // today

so a few days ago i got some cute brown flats at target for like $9, which was was my last meet, the freshman/sophomore meet @ lakeland high (conveniently located 1 1/2 hours away), and it hailed and sleeted during the race. i had about 6 layers on before that, and all-over spandex and gloves during it. i missed my pr by 18 seconds, but i didn't really expect to pr... and GRR they changed the finish! it was so stupid. :( but whatever.
B and i have been texting in different languages, which is fun. :P
missed math again. have lots of homework, so i gotta run (haha... not for a week! which means B will be giving me at least a few rides home, which will be... fun).
ok, bye

~ r

Sunday, October 26, 2008


SO DAMN TIRED. i didn't know it was physically possible to be this tired. but whatever, i need to give an update here...

10. 24 [friday]
regionals: cold, wet, windy, rainy, muddy, cloudy, and freezing... aka, perfect running weather :) i PRd by about 30 seconds, and i had the most AMAZING kick at the end... woot.

the lock-in: yeah, i went. ONLY because annie & molly & vonn wanted me to, and gave me a kitkat (mmmm...) at lunch that day. it was actually alright, since we just goofed around the whole time. JUBILEE! and "free s*&%? get in my BAG!" came out of it :P fell asleep in the bleachers multiple times, texting people sitting around me while we played monopoly, and... other fun things. but my camera broke.... AGAIN. i'm sending it in (AGAIN) and demanding a new one. this is ridiculous.

10.25 [saturday]
shopping with mom, after falling asleep somewhere: went to target, marshall's, and somewhere else. i got shoes and a running shirt.
got back from that, and went directly to...
annie's: good. sindocore. by which i mean sardines, of course. then scattergories (me and molly OWNED, completely) , then food (AMAZING), then a bit of capture the flag. then...
natalie's: SUPER AMAZING FUN!!! woot! me, camille, monique, and natalie + sugar + dark = AHGHHGHGHGHGHHHHH that much fun. we popped bubbles, limboed, TPd, (!), and kicked a can. FUN. then i went home...
SNL: stayed up till the weekly report, then conked out on the couch, only to be awakened by mi madre at 4 am...

10,26 [sunday]
mass, pumpkins, hailstorms, fashion, sketching, naps, homework, naps, chocolate, no running, naps, and... yeah. that's pretty much it. g'night all.

~ r

oh. here's my little inspiration thing i put together...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sweater // school style vs. fashion in the real world, pt. I

i stole this sweater from my mom’s donation pile, and now she wants it back… i don’t think so! it’s so unbelievably warm & cozy, it’s perfect for those 30-degree michigan fall school mornings… shiver. it goes great with scarves, boots, and hot chocolate.

sweater – vintage banana republic
jeans – jean claude penne
scarf – orchid lane
cutout wedges – target


also, i've been thinking a lot about this. at school, the norm seems to be:
jeans (ae, aeropostale, or a&fitch are the most accepted)
brand (see above) teeshirts
fuzzy clogs/mocs (i approve mocs; clogs/crocs NOT)
[for "dress up" days] dress pants/"nice" jeans, knit shirt, heels (sometimes)

within these standards are also various types of dresses. we have:
-"jocks" - basketball, hockey, football, soccer. low-slung aero/ae/af jeans, polo/tee.
-wannabe gangsters - jeans around their knees, shorts UNDER their jeans, baggy hoodies.
-athletes - sweats, sport shirts. one thing if they're actually on a team; if not, it's NOT ok.
-whores - tight, low, transparent. also painted-on. (note: also usually lots of makeup and poorly cared for hair). other variation: wear baggy but somehow tight & low sweats, and sports apparel for sports which they obviously DO NOT play. (this grates my nerves)
-conformist girls - same AE jeans, sweaters, tees, and shoes. variations on the hair somewhat.

then there are the following:
nonconformist girls (ME): "dress up"... aka, jeans, heels/flats, sweaters, accessories... aka, we actually put thought and our own personal style into what we wear to school. very small percent of the population.
nonconformist guys: either goth or band person.
-goth: black, baggy, chains, studs, etc. and within that we have... well, that's for part II.
-band: jeans with a belt that aren't falling down (thanks god), tennis shoes, cool tees.
and one other area, punk/rock OR punk/rocker wannabe: skinny jeans, checks/stripes/lots of pattern, neon colors, interesting hair (READ: interesting = nonconformist = cool), sometimes piercings, band tees, neon/hitop sneaks.

that's all for now. i'll do more on this later.

~ r

Saturday, October 18, 2008

yesterday (seems so far away)

yesterday was the last homecoming game... the band left early due to EMU band day (which i'm not going to, i'm going to XC - conference meet - instead. woot!), and we went to mcdonald's. but i wish i'd stayed with katie/patrick/jon/etc... because apparently it was really fun and we actually
WON!!!! something like 36-7. it was unbelievable!!!
beautiful fall day for running... my knee hurts more though, but i'm hoping i'll be able to run. i only have 1 more meet after this (fresh/soph).
izzy's home too.

~ r

Thursday, October 16, 2008


havent posted in forever.
almost 11 now... weird, since i didn't have ANY homework. whatever. watched colbert & j. stewart... haahahaaa. also got to talk to meg, finally. and put together a cute outfit, too bad it exposes my dargaboobs so i can't wear it to school. i NEED to figure out what to wear that vest with, i love it...

knee hurts, but i've been running. got 25:49 the other day... terrible, i know, but better than i thought i'd do. last home game tomorrow, then meet on saturday. this month is CRAZY hectic!!
ok, it's 11:01 and i've gotta run. band tomorrow... agh. still have to get all *that* crap ready.
asta la vista baby,
- r

ps: actually spoke to B today, with eye contact and everything. improvement.
pps: my middle name is now 'mmm foxy mama'.
ppps: kayleigh came back today!! that was fun.
pppps: homecoming was eeh. avoided B the whole time, then played dumb. immature, i know, but necessary at the time. also music was eh. dinner/playgound before that was fun, though.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


so my camera came back from being repaired today... YESSSS. just in time for homecoming and a bit of spirit week. i celebrated by taking a bunch of self-portraits... yippee.
SO tired. good day overall, i guess. i tried not to be so awkward with (m) B today. did i succeed? who knows. (except B)
at xc, i was going to run, but then carney caught me and told me not to. so *sigh*. i am so ready to run again.
bio test tomorrow. agh.

~ r

Sunday, October 5, 2008

latest buy: plum crinkle dress for homecoming!!

so i went to macy's to get my dress and - surprise, surprise - they didn't have it. so my mom & i decided to pop into f21, on the off chance that they'd have something, and as SOON as i walked in i saw this purple dress, and i LOVE it soo much! the fabric feels amazing and with heels i feel SO sexy. lol. it's true! i swear! look!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

it's been simply AGES, dahling...

sorry, it's been *ages* since my last post. umm, not much has happened, except...
1. my shin is STILL bugging me, but i think i'll be able to run on tuesday (milford), and i PRd by a minute at falcon a week or so ago.
2. portage invite was today... LONG day, and i got sunburned. but it was absolutely beautiful! but, since...
3. my camera is broken, i couldn't take pix. so i used annie's camera.
4. also, ben asked me to homecoming... i said i already had plans, but i'd be there, and we agreed to a movie at some point. i think.

and that's about it. my grades are looking a bit more stable now, and homecoming is NEXT WEEK woot!! i'm getting my dress tomorrow, plus maybe some SPANDEX. buahahaa. idk.
yeah i'm tired. the bus ride home was SOOO crazy fun. grace + annie + ipods + dancing = PARTTTTTYYY.

everyone had their hair french braided today, mine didn't look half bad. i want to learn how.
ok now i really have to go.
peace and love and rock n' roll,

~ r