Friday, October 31, 2008

this was halloween, this was halloween....

good day. wore my lovely poodle skirt to school... changed in 5th hour to sweats :P
B gave me a ride home again, and i was much less awkward. until he brought up Yesterday. (i'll explain later). apparently he thought i meant 'awkward' as in, we don't have the same friends/see each other at school. NO. i meant, no eye contact sort of awkward. but whatever, we figured it out... we're going to try it, i think, and see how it goes. i think. my mind is a little (lot) bemused/confuzzled at the moment, i'm SO tired... i got 4 hours of sleep yesterday. meh.

so, halloween. i ended up going to patrick's instead of courtney's, and i'm glad i did. it was a lot of fun. but i crashed at like, 10. random bits:
halloween caroling
smoking people
k's crutches
clawing dewey's scalp for an hour
ping pong
k singing for rock band

so umm, yeah. that's about it.
a few random B-Sit deets: he doesn't like pink floyd (DIE), rides are less awkward but they're ending since i'm going to run now (tomorrow especially... i'm only taking 3 days off. lol. i can't take it anymore!), i left my xc jacket in his car, he ate a whole cupcake, and he said something along the lines of 'i'd do anything you told me to do.' ...yeah.
ok i'm crashing as we speak, sorry.
oh, talked to D about it. he said it's good, that i decided to say ahh wtf, what's the worst that could happen? so yeah.
OK really bye now. happy halloween :)

~ r

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