Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sweater // school style vs. fashion in the real world, pt. I

i stole this sweater from my mom’s donation pile, and now she wants it back… i don’t think so! it’s so unbelievably warm & cozy, it’s perfect for those 30-degree michigan fall school mornings… shiver. it goes great with scarves, boots, and hot chocolate.

sweater – vintage banana republic
jeans – jean claude penne
scarf – orchid lane
cutout wedges – target


also, i've been thinking a lot about this. at school, the norm seems to be:
jeans (ae, aeropostale, or a&fitch are the most accepted)
brand (see above) teeshirts
fuzzy clogs/mocs (i approve mocs; clogs/crocs NOT)
[for "dress up" days] dress pants/"nice" jeans, knit shirt, heels (sometimes)

within these standards are also various types of dresses. we have:
-"jocks" - basketball, hockey, football, soccer. low-slung aero/ae/af jeans, polo/tee.
-wannabe gangsters - jeans around their knees, shorts UNDER their jeans, baggy hoodies.
-athletes - sweats, sport shirts. one thing if they're actually on a team; if not, it's NOT ok.
-whores - tight, low, transparent. also painted-on. (note: also usually lots of makeup and poorly cared for hair). other variation: wear baggy but somehow tight & low sweats, and sports apparel for sports which they obviously DO NOT play. (this grates my nerves)
-conformist girls - same AE jeans, sweaters, tees, and shoes. variations on the hair somewhat.

then there are the following:
nonconformist girls (ME): "dress up"... aka, jeans, heels/flats, sweaters, accessories... aka, we actually put thought and our own personal style into what we wear to school. very small percent of the population.
nonconformist guys: either goth or band person.
-goth: black, baggy, chains, studs, etc. and within that we have... well, that's for part II.
-band: jeans with a belt that aren't falling down (thanks god), tennis shoes, cool tees.
and one other area, punk/rock OR punk/rocker wannabe: skinny jeans, checks/stripes/lots of pattern, neon colors, interesting hair (READ: interesting = nonconformist = cool), sometimes piercings, band tees, neon/hitop sneaks.

that's all for now. i'll do more on this later.

~ r

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