Thursday, October 16, 2008


havent posted in forever.
almost 11 now... weird, since i didn't have ANY homework. whatever. watched colbert & j. stewart... haahahaaa. also got to talk to meg, finally. and put together a cute outfit, too bad it exposes my dargaboobs so i can't wear it to school. i NEED to figure out what to wear that vest with, i love it...

knee hurts, but i've been running. got 25:49 the other day... terrible, i know, but better than i thought i'd do. last home game tomorrow, then meet on saturday. this month is CRAZY hectic!!
ok, it's 11:01 and i've gotta run. band tomorrow... agh. still have to get all *that* crap ready.
asta la vista baby,
- r

ps: actually spoke to B today, with eye contact and everything. improvement.
pps: my middle name is now 'mmm foxy mama'.
ppps: kayleigh came back today!! that was fun.
pppps: homecoming was eeh. avoided B the whole time, then played dumb. immature, i know, but necessary at the time. also music was eh. dinner/playgound before that was fun, though.

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