Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1.27 // outfit

Agh, haven't posted in ages. Sorry.
A few outfits...

1.25 // dinner
Went to dinner with the fam.
jeans – jcp
boots – payless
bag – f21
top – ??
cardi – target
coat – target
earrings – orchid lane

1.27 // new shoes4288104085
new gojane platforms :)
shoes – gojane
pants – brother’s
tee – target?
blazer – thrifted
necklace – ?

~ r

Thursday, January 22, 2009

1.22 // Exams day 2

School… although I went with flats rather than the wedges… even with our “heat wave” (15 degrees), it’s still a bit chilly to wear these. (I need to get some grey socks to wear with my heels…)
Sorry for the crappy picture/not posting in forever. I’ve been cramming ridiculous amounts lately…

1.22 // Exams day 2

cardi: target
tee: ON
jeans: aero
bag: vintage
sunglasses: vintage
wedges: ??


Monday, January 12, 2009

1.11 // that's a wrap

Wow, sorry I didn’t post this yesterday… I couldn’t figure out why it couldn’t upload, when I saw today that it was about 4 mb too big. So yeah.

Was feeling inspired, so I took 2 scarves and wrapped them around to make a top… was planning for a dress, but it was way too short… Then changed it around to be sort of a shirt-that’s-not-really-a-shirt.

1.11 // that's a wrap4797322601



~ r

Scarves – Orchid Lane
Skirt – ON
shoes – no idea, they’re ancient and not really good in my opinion. But whatever.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

1.10 // just quick because i have 3 more BS sentences to pull out of my arse for essay&anal

wore this yesterday to josh's party.
1.09 // fete d'anniversaire5666553856
1.09 // v 2.0

scarf – orchid lane
hat – ??
jacket – deb’s (i usually don’t find stuff there, but this was $9, so whatever)
jeans – target
shoes – DSW

as i said, can't spend time on this - got to write 3 more sentences for e&a, write 1 more paragraph on fashion for history (a tad more enjoyable), and make a time line of WW1. oh, and make a french plot for a "santa's actually in the mafia" comic.

whoppee. probably should've spent less time watching BLACK BOOKS today, but hey... it's addictive.

actually ran today was well, which was nice.

~ r

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1.08 // horizontal snow

yup, the snow’s gone horizontal as it’s flying through the air… crossed fingers snow day??
sorry for (AGAIN, gdmnt!) crappy quality, since there’s no sun the lighting is bad. I want to rearrange my room so i have one wall all to… nothing. :P

1.08 // horizontal snow8569221122


BOOTS – nine west
leggings – under armour (very comfy and warm)
top – haha no idea, it’s so old
jacket – target

ok, I really need to get black booties, an oversize blazer, and ankle leggings - shiny ones. But more a matte shine, not those that look like patent leather.

Lots of homework... study for bio & math, write a log for essay&analysis, and (oh darn!) study fashion from the WWI era. (plus a worksheet, but that'll take about 15 mins and can be done in front of the tv).


check out BWchic for japanese street style and the 1960's and Mod Revival(s). I'm going to try to do a post on each era in the 20th century, and hopefully some in the 19th as well.

ciao again!

~ r

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1.06 // nothing new...

Second day back. Not much to report. Tired-ish. Bio quiz was easy.
Today after school - since we ended up *not* having rehearsal and I didn't have my running stuff - I went home, made a hot pretzel, and watched 2 movies: Out of Sight (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE) and Ocean's 11 (LOVE LOVE LOVE... but not quite as much. But still quite good.) GC is in both, but better - I think - in Out of Sight. I loved the ending!!! *sigh*
And in my defense, I did do my biology homework in the midst of all this, so HA.
New BWchic post coming tomorrow (I'm posting them strategically so I'll get the max # of hits).

~ r

Monday, January 5, 2009

1.05 // yay slacking!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, there's nothing to report... ended up not going to Sal Army :(
Hopefully I will soon though, I have a giant pile of donation stuff blocking my doorway. On the plus side, I'm improving my vaulting skills...
...vaulting over the pile. Wheee.
I did do a BWchic post on Skye Stracke, Karlie Kloss and Coco Rocha...
Off to study bio. Blecch.

~ r

Friday, January 2, 2009

1.02 // BWchic has moved

I got tired of having BWchic on WordPress, so I moved it to blogger.
BWchic on blogger

Heading to Salvation Army later today, hopefully I'll find something...

~ r

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1.01.2009 // happy new year!

Haha yes, it's the cliche HNY post. But I'm ok with that.
Let's see, yesterday I wore this to mass...
12.31 // new year's eve!2723016208
Skirt & top - old navy. Boots - DSW. Jacket - JCP.
And this to Michelle's party...
Top - old navy. scarf - orchid lane. Coat - target. Boots - payless. Clutch - old navy.

Yeah sorry for the crap pictures, I've been having trouble with that lately. But whatever.
I've been cleaning out my closet all day - I should've taken before/after pictures, it's quite dramatic. But now I can finally use the other half for clothes instead of junk! (Mostly. The bottom part is still dedicated to pillows & stuffed animals - I'm down to 2 bins now. Thank god. It would've been one but my mom came in a made me keep some "sentimental" ones.) Well I'm going to clean a bit more, shower, then go over to Megan's. Ciao!

Oh, check out the BWchic blog, there's a post on Essentials for 2009.

~ r