Thursday, January 1, 2009

1.01.2009 // happy new year!

Haha yes, it's the cliche HNY post. But I'm ok with that.
Let's see, yesterday I wore this to mass...
12.31 // new year's eve!2723016208
Skirt & top - old navy. Boots - DSW. Jacket - JCP.
And this to Michelle's party...
Top - old navy. scarf - orchid lane. Coat - target. Boots - payless. Clutch - old navy.

Yeah sorry for the crap pictures, I've been having trouble with that lately. But whatever.
I've been cleaning out my closet all day - I should've taken before/after pictures, it's quite dramatic. But now I can finally use the other half for clothes instead of junk! (Mostly. The bottom part is still dedicated to pillows & stuffed animals - I'm down to 2 bins now. Thank god. It would've been one but my mom came in a made me keep some "sentimental" ones.) Well I'm going to clean a bit more, shower, then go over to Megan's. Ciao!

Oh, check out the BWchic blog, there's a post on Essentials for 2009.

~ r

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