Thursday, January 8, 2009

1.08 // horizontal snow

yup, the snow’s gone horizontal as it’s flying through the air… crossed fingers snow day??
sorry for (AGAIN, gdmnt!) crappy quality, since there’s no sun the lighting is bad. I want to rearrange my room so i have one wall all to… nothing. :P

1.08 // horizontal snow8569221122


BOOTS – nine west
leggings – under armour (very comfy and warm)
top – haha no idea, it’s so old
jacket – target

ok, I really need to get black booties, an oversize blazer, and ankle leggings - shiny ones. But more a matte shine, not those that look like patent leather.

Lots of homework... study for bio & math, write a log for essay&analysis, and (oh darn!) study fashion from the WWI era. (plus a worksheet, but that'll take about 15 mins and can be done in front of the tv).


check out BWchic for japanese street style and the 1960's and Mod Revival(s). I'm going to try to do a post on each era in the 20th century, and hopefully some in the 19th as well.

ciao again!

~ r

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