Thursday, July 31, 2008

sunburst dress

ehh, quelle l'enfer... ici est ma robe tres nouveau! mais le photo n'est pas la photo complete...
(ah, what the hell... here's my new dress! but the sketch isn't done yet - the main portion of the sun still needs to be decided quelle color it'll to be))

you like?

~ r

new things to dish!

mmm, marc jacobs mouse flats - absolutely to-DIE-for cute! as soon as i saw them in TV (that's teen vogue, not the telly) i almost swooned. ok, so maybe that's a tad dramatic, but you have to admit they are pretty... well, pretty :)

let's see...
other than that, my sketching hand's been near quivering with all the ideas i've been having lately... i spent a lot of today avidly scanning the blogs and style sites all over the web, looking for inspiration... and i was well rewarded!
i came up with a dress - a clingy knit, i think (though it may turn out to be a silk number) - with a starbursty/tiedie mix coming off the left hip. (once i finish the sketches, i'll put it up). also i'm working on the preliminaries for a wool coat/electric-blue skirt combo. and to top all of these off are HATS galore! mostly i'm noticing knit berets of all hues, as well as cashmere and plaid newsboys (to my dismay, a bit - newsboys can be tricky: either you pull it off and look totally chic, or you end up looking like a sad britney poseur).
another source of inspiration lately has been Britain's Next Top Model - they all have impeccable style, plus the accents to match.

sadly, i'm out for now.. ciao!

~ r

Monday, July 28, 2008

beware the pizza man...

the day: semi-dull. slept in, didn't run, went to jesse's gig... got hit on (sort of) by his (OLD!!) teacher ("damn, you've got a hot girlfriend!" if i was, in fact, his girlfriend rather that his SISTER).

the party
: we swam, we knotted, we light sabered, we talked about e.c., we waited for pizza, we got stranded in a dark and lonely park and had to wait in the back of a pickup truck for josh's mom to get un-lost and pick us up... while we waited, we examined the possibilities of:
1. getting murdered viciously
2. having to stay overnight
3. NOT paying for the pizza, if it ever came!
4. getting raped (by monkeys!)
5. the movie rights of our wonderful ideas

toodles! peach mtns with annie (and kayleigh?) tomorrow...
~ r

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

so... tired...

yes. i did it. finally.
i RAN. for the first time in like, 3 weeks basically (not counting the 3 times). and it was rather pathetic, actually, but hey at least i did it. but i ran with a bunch of snacky food in my tummy, then ate dinner pretty much right afterwards, so i'm not feeling too chipper. plus i'm sleepy.

drowsily yours,
~ r

this is just a rather mopey week, isn't it?

it is. and it's leading me to the conclusion that somebody, somewhere, is having serious fun with the control knobs for the sky. right now, i look out and i see a blanket of fluffy grey clouds in all directions. it's not particularly inspiring to do something fun.
so i figured i'd do something on here, because i've been up for... wow, almost 2 hours, and i've spent it all on here. WHAT A WASTE. never mind, i'm going to leave.

~ r

raining again... let them eat pizza!

*sigh* yes, another rainy day... but i made do by organizing my closet, playing guitar, doing 70 pushups, doing random stuff on my computer, and catching up on some fashion reading. also i had an eye appointment, and during that i read a few articles in LUCKY about Leighton Meester and Zooey Deschanel, and saw a fair number of inspiring pieces...
anyway, after being home for 45 minutes, i rushed over to m's (after quickly putting on some shorts, as i was in the middle of trying on jeans) for a lock-in meeting which i had thought was tomorrow. we planned for about 30 minutes and talked for about 90. J was actually nice, and there was a russian growling incident... amusing.
i've also noticed that i've begun to talk in a slightly brit accent sometimes, from watching so much QI. i'm onto season four now.
but as it's 12:17 a.m., i need to toodle off to bed. with the thought of not running and studying for health looming over me like a dark cloud, or a very burnt cookie.

~ r

ps: there's a thing called the GIRL PROJECT, where you basically take pix with a camera they send you, send it back, and see if they get in the book/website. it's rather interesting actually. i'll keep you posted.
whoever "you" are.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ah, the fruits of the day!

it was a very fruitful day of shopping, actually! (although later on i figured i *could* have gotten those shorts at ON... dang. oh well)
i ended up getting a pair of jeans, a green top, a navy/cream 3/4-length sweater top, and some cool PEACE earrings. very nice. oh, plus a strawberry smoothie at coldstone... mmm, delish! i was tempted by a pair of gold gladiators, but i opted for the shirt instead, as i've been simply dying to find one! so i'm quite happy with the day. although i didn't run... and i probably won't make it peach mountains tomorrow morning. :( (not!)
well i'm off for chicken pour diner, ainsi au revoir mes amies!

~ r

it's raining, it's pouring... but who's snoring?

just because it's raining doesn't mean the day has to be a complete waste of sitting around watching british comedy quiz shows... *cough cough* even though that is an acceptable way of spending a saturday morning, especially if the show in question is QI.
anyway, today has turned out to be another dreary sort of day, and i'm not wasting it! (in a few hours i won't be, anyway. i'm watching QI now.) i'll be off shopping for the beginnings of my back-to-school fall wardrobe with C and M at green oak. preferably i'd be going to 12 oaks, but it's close enough.
more on that to come.


~ r

Thursday, July 17, 2008

all the live long day

yeah, that's how long i was at the ann arbor art fair today... it was fabulous. we got sunburned tho, and reeeeally hot & sweaty, but we found this cool little free trade shop and got sarongs and pashminas really cheap! they're pretty schveet. i felt pretty faint at one point though, it was SO hot.
sooo yeah. pretty tired now... still catching up on sleep from the COLORADO trip.


~ r

not long...

since it's late and raining and i'm going to the AA Art Fair tomorrow! (well, today)

anyways, obviously i'm back from colorado... more on that later, maybe. if i get around to it. (it was fun... painful and strenuous at points, but fun hiking and excellent views!)

run @ erika's today... much chalk drawing afterwards. then talking to a & j till about... now on gmail. woot woot.

catch y'all later,

~ r

Saturday, July 5, 2008

the morning after

haha, not what you're thinking. but OW yeah my boobs hurt. for no apparent reason, i guess.

anyways, today was basically filled with lots of noise in the form of, in approximate order:
the kids across the street (9 a.m.)
the trucks at the parade
the beeping at the registers at kroger
the highway sounds
the jets at the air show (WHOOOOSH very loud! also i got sunburned on one side mostly, which is just oodles of fun.)
bottle rockets
the cat meowing a lot
sirens as i type this
and soon, me snoring (or not... i don't snore, but you get the point) as i sleep. mmm.

oh, i didn't make it to the party at S's today... hmm. too bad.

zzz-ily and patriotically yours,

~ r

Friday, July 4, 2008

just a quick pop-in

yeah, it's midnight. 12:12, to be precise. and?? it's the
and i can stay up however late i want!!! haha. thank you summer!

~ r

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

not long...

there's a storm coming, so this'll have to be a quickie. not that kind of quickie, perv. get your mind out of the gutter.
not much new has happened... C's moved the date of her party (again - indecisive much??) so now i am unable to attend. sigh. guess it won't be much of a party. ;)
i've been working on the ol' six-string lately, feeling a bit musical.
oops, lightning, gotta run - drive, actually, and rescue mi padre from the hail. ciao!

~ r