Thursday, July 31, 2008

new things to dish!

mmm, marc jacobs mouse flats - absolutely to-DIE-for cute! as soon as i saw them in TV (that's teen vogue, not the telly) i almost swooned. ok, so maybe that's a tad dramatic, but you have to admit they are pretty... well, pretty :)

let's see...
other than that, my sketching hand's been near quivering with all the ideas i've been having lately... i spent a lot of today avidly scanning the blogs and style sites all over the web, looking for inspiration... and i was well rewarded!
i came up with a dress - a clingy knit, i think (though it may turn out to be a silk number) - with a starbursty/tiedie mix coming off the left hip. (once i finish the sketches, i'll put it up). also i'm working on the preliminaries for a wool coat/electric-blue skirt combo. and to top all of these off are HATS galore! mostly i'm noticing knit berets of all hues, as well as cashmere and plaid newsboys (to my dismay, a bit - newsboys can be tricky: either you pull it off and look totally chic, or you end up looking like a sad britney poseur).
another source of inspiration lately has been Britain's Next Top Model - they all have impeccable style, plus the accents to match.

sadly, i'm out for now.. ciao!

~ r

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