Monday, July 28, 2008

beware the pizza man...

the day: semi-dull. slept in, didn't run, went to jesse's gig... got hit on (sort of) by his (OLD!!) teacher ("damn, you've got a hot girlfriend!" if i was, in fact, his girlfriend rather that his SISTER).

the party
: we swam, we knotted, we light sabered, we talked about e.c., we waited for pizza, we got stranded in a dark and lonely park and had to wait in the back of a pickup truck for josh's mom to get un-lost and pick us up... while we waited, we examined the possibilities of:
1. getting murdered viciously
2. having to stay overnight
3. NOT paying for the pizza, if it ever came!
4. getting raped (by monkeys!)
5. the movie rights of our wonderful ideas

toodles! peach mtns with annie (and kayleigh?) tomorrow...
~ r

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