Wednesday, September 24, 2008

stupid shins and camera lenses

didn't run at brighton today - shins and knees are OWing.
my lens got the dreaded 'lens error' message... repair this one or new camera in SHORT ORDER, i can't live without it!!!

~ r

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

smashing pumpkins with machetes... actually quite fun. hitting them with bats and throwing ski poles at them is pretty great, too.
that's what we did after our easy run today... except that it was about 80 degrees and my shins are KILLING me, plus my eyes are still shot and i'm still sick. STILL. wtf is wrong with me? mono?

tomorrow's the brighton meet... ag. mom and J (that's brother J) are coming. i haven't the faintest why.
got to run.

~ r

Monday, September 22, 2008

stay at home today love, let the world run its own way

yup i stayed home today. sort of. i got up and my eyes were so swollen and nasty and ICK, my dad took me to the doc. we got back at like 10:30 and went to pick up my scrips, and by the time that was done school lunch time was over. so he decided it wasn't worth it for me to go to school today (and miss XC and band... oooh darn. idk if i could run anyway, i'm SO TIRED and my eyes feel SO FUNNY. all tired and sort of sticky, and really hot and watery.) so i'm here. i've taken 2 naps today...
very nice weather. too bad i'm too tired to do anything. it's like 70 and sunny, just a slight breeze. maybe i'll read or something...

until later
~ r

Sunday, September 21, 2008

lize's and the day apres

the xc thing was fun. scavenger hunt (our team won), lots of food, swimming @ nicole's (awkward swimsuit/football guys moment on stairs), left early in am. slept with contacts in... BAD idea. my eyes have been sore and burning and OW all day. it's 11:13 pm and i'm still working on this rather stupid french comic strip project...
OH. i watched 10 Things I Hate About You & PS: I Love You.
10 things: GREAT!!! one of my top fave movies, definitely. heath ledger is in it, and i was like "oh hes kind of cute, who's that?" then i look him up and i'm like, "oh. he's DEAD. that's... weird and creepy and depressing and sad. and a waste."
PS: ily: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW is the best way to describe it. i cried for basically 2 hours straight. soooo cute and romantic :) makes me want to have a lovely BF (again?), both these movies. aww schnuggle schnuggle.
oh yeah, the rodeo was today. not much to say except HICK and yeeeehaw. and cowboy's prayer (so sacreligious?) steve gave me a ride home... aaawkkwaaard

ok i really have to run now. ttfn,

~ r

Saturday, September 20, 2008

party report: molly + annie

it was so fun. A picked me and C up, then we met M at the movies and saw my best friend's girl... r. yeah. A underestimated the amount of naughtiness in it. (so we "saw" The Women). pathetic/poetic mistake. shot in boston?
then we hightailed it back to m's, where we ate cheesecake and played guitar hero. then C had to leave, and we sat on the roof and took stupid pictures and almost fell asleep out there. we came back in and watched Pink Panther. (well, i did, because it was too loud for me to fall asleep to. A and M were out.)
am: A and i tried to get M up, but failed, so we started to watch Failure to Launch. but we had to go.

ok, now i'm off to lisa's bday fete. ciao!

~ r

ps: xc yesterday = capture the flag

Thursday, September 18, 2008

un autre jour en la vie de becca

yeah, idk what's up with the french titles.
anyway, today... good, until bio. i got an 82 on a quiz (STUPID mistakes!) and i'm already down to a 92 in there, before the quiz. math quiz was alright. then i realized i somehow got a B+ on an E&A w/s packet... IDK WHY. late? but i was absent. i really don't think i got half of them wrong. it PISSES ME OFF.
xc: blech. my tummy felt SO GROSS. but otherwise ok. emily's cool.
tomorrow: annie/molly's bday partaaaayy!!
saturday: xc sleepover? and lisa's bday
sunday: helluva rodeo

fun weekend. :)

~ r

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

running and an african concert

sooo xc today was sort of OW... blisters and quads, mostly. plus it was hot (well, "hot"... about 70 or so... hot for running.)
we played soccer afterwards... then i came home, showered, grabbed a stuffed pepper and we were off to the music for life african choir. it was AMAZING... can't even describe it. and it makes you think, too. (except a few people in the audience... stupid people. oh well, welcome to pinckney.)

have to run

~ r

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i won, apparently.... if a little delayed

so i got a package from teenvogue today. inside was a cute swimsuit... but totally random. so either they've decided i'm a hot new celeb and they need to send me free stuff, or i actually won something many moons ago and i'm just getting it now. a little chilly for swimsuit season, i think. but i'm not complaining. :)
~ r

mon jour en un nutshell

i am cold. so cold.
maybe that's because i'm still in the clothes we wore to swim in silver lake... after running... when it's 65 degrees outside and the water is just barely above freezing. it was so refreshing, though.
on the way back, i fell = bloody knee and toe = OW. yeah. then in the garage i stepped on a very small piece of glass... not terrible traumatic, but still painful.
medium h/w load, got to get started... but first, abs and SHOWER. :)
worse heels, stripey top and dog necklace today. J hated it, other people loved it. jess said i looked like i should be from LA... no thanks, i'm heading east to NY, baby!

~ r

Monday, September 15, 2008

what a day

not really. i'm still sick and i went to school. xc was at hudson mills, a shortish workout there. cold and overcast. so now i'm home, showered, semi-warm, and wondering why my pulse is so high. i run pretty much every day, for pete's sake!! idk. i'm probably just being really paranoid. but still.
ok, well off to homework. yippee, right? feel free to help...

~ r

Sunday, September 14, 2008

latest buy: gray bf cardi

so i finally got a basic light gray boyfriend cardigan. [don't mind the sweats - i'm still sick, and it's just that sort of day.]FINALLY. from target, surprisingly. i also saw a cute red plaid blazer and some cord jackets, but alas - i was running out of money. the target site seems to be down, so i snapped some pictures while i was there... top: black ruffle GO blouse, target
bottom: red plaid GO blazer, target
($40... that i totally don't have. i NEED a job.)

and yes, it's STILL raining. weather coming up from hurricane ____ (whatever it is now... ike, i think?) yeah. so it's 70, humid, and raining cats and dogs, pigs and piccolos, ants and flamingos. aka, hard.
and i'm still sick, unfortunately. i have no idea how i'm going to run tomorrow... at least there aren't any meets this week.
haha... i'm seriously considering getting a pair of wellies... with this weather, i'm bound to need them. :P and i just looked at the radar... there's a cloud over michigan. all of it.
that's a big cloud.
*sigh* ok well, i'm off to study for a history quiz tomorrow at... shudder... school. how am i going to get through the day? (i'm thinking sweats, sorry. slackerism calls.)
i'm outie.
~ r

Saturday, September 13, 2008

inspiration (and such things)

from today's inspiration sketchbook......
the clips are from alloy and delia's catalogs, since i didn't want to cut up my t.v. yup.
feeling a bit depressed due to non-running-ness.

just a few things...

ok. so this is my current f21 want list (short version). cloche hat, velvet blazer, orange peacoat and leather tote, 5.5 inch oxfords (!), silk dot bra and that amazing vintage-esque lace skirt. love. and this is an amazing tracy reese heel i found... j'adore!
it's been raining all day. i like it. that's all.

~ r

Friday, September 12, 2008

sick at home... dress up!

yes i'm home sick today. so i dressed up.

sweater: dad's. socks: target. scarf: orchid lane. necklace: ??

skirt: target. booties: payless. caridgan: brother's. necklace: f21. scarf: thrifted. earrings: orchid lane. pink flamingo: ??

yup. so i don't get to go to the MSU meet *or* pep band @ brighton. and it's A's birthday. AGH. what a day to miss.
i did like the outfits, though... but being sick still sucks. :(

~ r

Thursday, September 11, 2008

still sick

...and worse than before. OW. aches, sore throat, feverish, throbbing headache, plus a cold... AG. life sucks right now, because the MSU meet is
the ONE meet i look forward to, pretty much, and even if i do go i'm pretty much guarenteed to run a really crappy race b/c i feel so freaking BAD.
this sucks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

je suis malade

sick. pool in am made it worse. cough. sore throat. easy workout in xc.

got white/black skirt from target. will post later.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

late... xc meet.

too tired to bother.
meet against howell (@ home): 26:17, same PR as last year. felt icky tho.
now sore throat. finished hw. getting up at 5:15 for pool in a.m.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

becoming fall...

so i was bored today and i haven't posted any outfits in a while, so here....
also, a few updates:
1. football game/band on friday: we actually WON! 10-6. we were freaking out in the back, the bass section. woot. charlie was beyond happy, as was david... they got to turn their bells around (so i did too). umm what else...
2. car wash yesterday: good. me, A, and nat yelled at cars the whole time. it was great :)
3. beach yesterday too.

i think that's about it... back to working on my essay and (ugh) studying for the bio quiz. AlReAdY, i know. uuughh. oh well.

~ r

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

le premier jour d'ecole

it was fine. except for one very freshman-esque (that i didn't even make last year), i went into my 2nd semester 2nd hour class... i wondered why charlie & a bunch of juniors were in 10th grade history. "You're taking psyche?" he asked. "umm.... no." exit stage right, and vite! but it was ok. umm, what else... i didn't get my schedule changed yet, which was really annoying since i was in the counselor's office for about 1 1/2 hours today. grr. oh well, tomorrow... hopefully.
1 - essay... michelle, lexi, brad, charlie, julia (vand.), and that charlotte scott (....) seems like it'll be fine.
2 - health (i didn't get it changed, so nothing to say)
3 - french. going to be *fun*! michelle b, lize, idk. everyone, really,
4 - hist I... excellent! steve, kristin, lize, lisa (and kate sch). mr drabek started picking on me ASAP when he made the dzombak connection... he gave me a look and i was just like, *sigh* "yesssss." (NOT that way!!! ugh.) white castle burger jokes.
5 - bio, mcnally/mcnazi. claire, steve, jessica wines. going to be probably the hardest/most unfun class this year.
6 - ag II,whitmeyer. this is going to be 2nd hr so idk who i'll be with.

sooo yeah. xc was VERY rainy/chilly/damp/thunder/lightningy... 54321 at sod farm. eech. but ok. except for i ate a quesodilla at 12... ICK. never again...
oh yeah. devin wants me to do the solo/ensemble thing if taco doesn't play bassoon. so yeah. busy day tomorrow.... xc and band. yippee.

~ r

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Party Report: EOS (mine)

party was good...
guest list: a, c, j, k, m, and z was supposed to come but got lost and gave up. *shrug*
activities: me, c & a playing with magnetic words, making dirty, DIRTY sentences... :P
chasing/catching/hunting/herding fishes
avoiding creepers/goons
riding the chipmunk
searching for speakers and food (me, J and A)
picking lily pad flowers for m (J and A)
(not all in that order)

also, xc in the morning was a quick but most unfun workout.

ok i quit now. night.
school tomorrow...

~ r