Thursday, September 18, 2008

un autre jour en la vie de becca

yeah, idk what's up with the french titles.
anyway, today... good, until bio. i got an 82 on a quiz (STUPID mistakes!) and i'm already down to a 92 in there, before the quiz. math quiz was alright. then i realized i somehow got a B+ on an E&A w/s packet... IDK WHY. late? but i was absent. i really don't think i got half of them wrong. it PISSES ME OFF.
xc: blech. my tummy felt SO GROSS. but otherwise ok. emily's cool.
tomorrow: annie/molly's bday partaaaayy!!
saturday: xc sleepover? and lisa's bday
sunday: helluva rodeo

fun weekend. :)

~ r

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