Monday, September 22, 2008

stay at home today love, let the world run its own way

yup i stayed home today. sort of. i got up and my eyes were so swollen and nasty and ICK, my dad took me to the doc. we got back at like 10:30 and went to pick up my scrips, and by the time that was done school lunch time was over. so he decided it wasn't worth it for me to go to school today (and miss XC and band... oooh darn. idk if i could run anyway, i'm SO TIRED and my eyes feel SO FUNNY. all tired and sort of sticky, and really hot and watery.) so i'm here. i've taken 2 naps today...
very nice weather. too bad i'm too tired to do anything. it's like 70 and sunny, just a slight breeze. maybe i'll read or something...

until later
~ r

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