Wednesday, September 3, 2008

le premier jour d'ecole

it was fine. except for one very freshman-esque (that i didn't even make last year), i went into my 2nd semester 2nd hour class... i wondered why charlie & a bunch of juniors were in 10th grade history. "You're taking psyche?" he asked. "umm.... no." exit stage right, and vite! but it was ok. umm, what else... i didn't get my schedule changed yet, which was really annoying since i was in the counselor's office for about 1 1/2 hours today. grr. oh well, tomorrow... hopefully.
1 - essay... michelle, lexi, brad, charlie, julia (vand.), and that charlotte scott (....) seems like it'll be fine.
2 - health (i didn't get it changed, so nothing to say)
3 - french. going to be *fun*! michelle b, lize, idk. everyone, really,
4 - hist I... excellent! steve, kristin, lize, lisa (and kate sch). mr drabek started picking on me ASAP when he made the dzombak connection... he gave me a look and i was just like, *sigh* "yesssss." (NOT that way!!! ugh.) white castle burger jokes.
5 - bio, mcnally/mcnazi. claire, steve, jessica wines. going to be probably the hardest/most unfun class this year.
6 - ag II,whitmeyer. this is going to be 2nd hr so idk who i'll be with.

sooo yeah. xc was VERY rainy/chilly/damp/thunder/lightningy... 54321 at sod farm. eech. but ok. except for i ate a quesodilla at 12... ICK. never again...
oh yeah. devin wants me to do the solo/ensemble thing if taco doesn't play bassoon. so yeah. busy day tomorrow.... xc and band. yippee.

~ r

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