Wednesday, June 18, 2008

it's later...

...and i'm super bored. waiting for M to call and hang out, even though it's about 50 degrees outside.

in the middle of june.

*shrug* in michigan. alrighty then. moving on.

now i'm undecided whether to go to the bbq or concert. time for a
PRO-CON LIST!!! (sort of)
- music (but idk if i like it... haven't really heard it)
- annie, daivd, etc... (PHS people)
- more hyper and awake-ish
- low-level energy (maybe?)
- meg, cait & zach (so more appropriate conversation... more laid-back)(maybe)
- food :)
- pool?

yeah, it's not much of a pro/con list... more just a comparison list. oh well. at this point i'm thinking bbq... but IDK. oy vey.

undecidedly yours,

~ r

hear ye, hear ye... there's a concert tonite!

...and i'm going!!! so be there.
deets: here

K's party:
fun. sausage game. mall scavenger hunt (ehh). shopping at 12 Oaks mall = fabulous. new fave mall. new fave store: forever21 :)

blue summer dress - aeropostale
GIANT white leather purse - f21

too much junk food was consumed, but it was delicioso. movies were watched (made of honor and the notebook) and laughing was... laughed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

running this morning: slow. sooo terribly slow. and i don't know why (neither does A. it continues to stump us both). N was there, and in front of my. my left shin, ankle & knee are all DEAD. ag. i'm definitely hoping as the summer progresses, so does my speed. lol :P

well, C's graduation party is on sunday. there's a flurry of cleaning and general preparation-ness going on, so i can't be much longer on here. and i still need to do abs, shower, and snuggle into my sweats.

until later,

~ r

Sunday, June 15, 2008

There was once a great woman who had a great idea.

She went to post it on her blog, knowing it would astound the world.

Then she promptly forgot.

And had to go to bed soon, after doing her regimen of abdominal exercises, because she was getting up at 6:45 to go for a run with her cross country team.

Goodnight, moon! Goodnight, loon! Goodnight, (mon)soon! Goodnight, dune! Goodnight, noon!

Goodnight, all!

~ R

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

last day of school, first day of freedom

yes folks, it’s finally happened. the last few grueling hours of school have gone by and we’re now free to do as we please… pretty much, short of lighting the house on fire or staying up all night every night for two consecutive weeks.
haha, fun.
anyway, today was pretty fantastic. i got a 107% on my sci exam - excuse me, but

*cough cough* sorry, just had to get that out of my system. also, apparently i also made it into wind ensemble… without trying out, per se. whatever. as long as i’m in. i just hope he doesn’t hear the CD and pull me out or something bad like that.

pool party = fun.
water polo = mass groping.
funky ratios of guys to girls = way too much fun to be legal.


~ r

Friday, June 6, 2008

crankalicious (in a non-sexual way, mind you. just plain cranky).

grr. this color is how i feel, mixed with a bit of this.

aka, CRANKY.

1. weather (humid, hot)
2. NO RUNNING TODAY (grr!!! that's most of it, i think. that plus...)
3. MISSING CAMERA. (again. WHY must i be so absent-minded?!?)
4. dry skin
5. contacts
6. face cream (lack thereof)
7. school
8. hair not done yet
9. whole band/or not band thing. ag.

i'm sure there are more, i just can't think of any. i feel mad at myself, like i always do if i don't run. feeling like a *real* FWAM.

anyways... i should get ready to go to bed. looking for my camera at this point won't do much good... i mean, it's not like some guy is going to break in here, find my camera, steal *just that*, and leave.

unless it's a really bad day.

~ r