Wednesday, June 18, 2008

it's later...

...and i'm super bored. waiting for M to call and hang out, even though it's about 50 degrees outside.

in the middle of june.

*shrug* in michigan. alrighty then. moving on.

now i'm undecided whether to go to the bbq or concert. time for a
PRO-CON LIST!!! (sort of)
- music (but idk if i like it... haven't really heard it)
- annie, daivd, etc... (PHS people)
- more hyper and awake-ish
- low-level energy (maybe?)
- meg, cait & zach (so more appropriate conversation... more laid-back)(maybe)
- food :)
- pool?

yeah, it's not much of a pro/con list... more just a comparison list. oh well. at this point i'm thinking bbq... but IDK. oy vey.

undecidedly yours,

~ r

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