Friday, June 6, 2008

crankalicious (in a non-sexual way, mind you. just plain cranky).

grr. this color is how i feel, mixed with a bit of this.

aka, CRANKY.

1. weather (humid, hot)
2. NO RUNNING TODAY (grr!!! that's most of it, i think. that plus...)
3. MISSING CAMERA. (again. WHY must i be so absent-minded?!?)
4. dry skin
5. contacts
6. face cream (lack thereof)
7. school
8. hair not done yet
9. whole band/or not band thing. ag.

i'm sure there are more, i just can't think of any. i feel mad at myself, like i always do if i don't run. feeling like a *real* FWAM.

anyways... i should get ready to go to bed. looking for my camera at this point won't do much good... i mean, it's not like some guy is going to break in here, find my camera, steal *just that*, and leave.

unless it's a really bad day.

~ r

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