Monday, November 10, 2008

a bunch of outfits...

so yeah. it is officially COLD here... we only ran like 3 1/2 due to the chilliness (and laziness)...
ici est les vetements d'hier...

my dad did a closet "purge" (for him, 3 sweaters and some ratty Ts), so this one is officially MINE now. :)
sweater: dad's closet boots: ?? macy's (gift from aunt) socks: target belt: little brother's scarf: walmart (surprising... also surprisingly soft)

hmm, this one... the sweater itself is questionable, but warm & cozy. so here it is. (sweater: little brother's outgrown; jeans: aeropostale)

this is just... i wanted to wear this bright BRIGHT red jacket of my mom's that she never wears... i like the color. same jeans; jacket: mom's closet

this is another sweater i inherited from mi padre... crappy picture i know, but i was running out of time (and battery life on my camera...) sweater: dad's closet

this was mainly to incorporate the linen jacket... a very bland outfit, color-wise. also, the hat. yay :) (skirt - target; shoes - ??; jacket - mom's closet; hat - target)

head shot of the hat... i'm seriously thinking of going back and getting the purple one as well. :) cloche - target

hmm, any other updates? i didn't get a fur jacket yet, but i'm going to look into it pretty soon... see if that one is back up on ebay. i hope so. because it's COLD now.
hmm, not much else. ciao for now.

~ r

Sunday, November 9, 2008

11.09 // first snow

well, we got our first real snow today. it actually stuck too, which is a bit unusual for the first november snow. but whatever, i'm happy. :)
so i haven't put up any photos in basically forever, so here goes...

...or not. the internet is being stupid, so i'll have to post them tomorrow. :(
~ r

Saturday, November 8, 2008

11.08 : recent buys and craves

above, from left to right: faux fur coats, ebay; dress, gloves & boots, f21.

yeah, i'm having a major faux fur jacket craving. unfortunately, there's nowhere within 50 miles of here to get one, so i'm turning to NY and CA (via ebay) for mine. fingers crossed i can get at least one... haha, it's sort of an investment. if i get it/them, hopefully i'll take to them like a fish to water and not waste about $50. :P
as for the boots, i just want them. never mind the $50 price tag, i need some tall michigan-esque boots that are still, you know, acceptable. as in, non-ugly.
the dress and gloves, just random.

one of those chilly fall days good for either shopping or being inside... i chose shopping, and got a black cloche (finally!), a(nother) gray pashmina, and a basic navy sweater.
since i'm already in my (oh so comfy) pajamas, i've enlisted my eeyore to model my hat...the scarf & sweater i'll post sometime soon... have i forgotten to post something? maybe. but it's 12:07 am and i'm sleeepy, so ciao.

~ r

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my views : the current state of things

actually, i change my mind. f homework. my views.

this election showed the world that Americans are NOT always going to stick to the same tired old patterns over and over; we are willing to let go of age-old (albeit incredibly stupid) feelings and divisions, take hold of the present, and do the right thing. although he was a bit old, John McCain fit the cookie-cutter formula for president of the USA: white, christian male, rich. obama (make that PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!) calls for change, and change is what we need.
now that he has been elected (by a LANDSLIDE), the entire world lets out a great sigh of relief, i think. in only 2 1/2 more months, bush will be removed from power and unable to threaten the world ever again. obama will turn not only this country, but this WORLD around from the dark pit of despair bush has sent it spinning into.
since obama has been elected, the world can find a renewed sense of trust in the US. hopefully they will give us a second chance; with luck, they'll think, "hey, they elected obama - how bad can they be?" and alliances will be repaired and formed, and the WAR WILL BE OVER. thanks god.

i could totally go on forever, but i really must be going.
love & peace,
~ r

yes we did!

ooooh yeaaah...
OBAMA WON by a landslide. *sigh*
i am SO jubilant right now. earlier, A & i Got The Vote Out and it was good. and now i am PSYCHED for school tomo- well, today. i am so wearing blue.
since i still have to do a final draft on an essay and a page of math, i'm out.

~ r

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

all nighter/tomorrow

i'm pulling an all-nighter, or at least until i find out who wins.
tomorrow, i'm wearing:
FIRST OPTION: navy blue tank, brother's dress shirt w/ a belt, and jeans

obama-ly yours,
~ r

Monday, November 3, 2008


it's late, but still rings true:
I ENDORSE BARACK OBAMA...if only i could vote. he won by a landslide in our school, which is White Racist Hunting Hickville, MI, so if he won here hopefully he'll win everywhere...
all i can say is, i've got an all-blue outfit planned for wednesday :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

house of holland

my two favorite HoH looks so far:

also, faux fur coats are popping up everywhere. add that to my list.
buona notte,

~ r

11.2 outfits

it's one of those days. you know, the cloudy, drizzly ones that are best spend either (a) cuddled up in sweats with a book by a fire, or (b) playing dress up?
so why waste it?
this is what i wore to church today, and i'm going to wear to school tomorrow. since i finally got some non-sheer black tights, i can wear my skirts & boots :)

skirt - target
boots - diba @ DSW
cardigan - target

Saturday, November 1, 2008

party // bonfire // latest buy: boots

slept in till 11:30, then went for a quick shop. got 2 thermals and diba suede black 4-inch boots with bows. LOVE! [will post a pic later, when i can find one online or my camera is fixed]
sarah's party: fun, except for the scary/creepy movie part. (psycho & the beginning of 28 weeks later).
patti's bonfire: good. capture the flag, stargazing, bonfire, food. lost my phone, then found it.

XC report: guys got 8th (AGH), girls got 14th. matt got 6th, but broke the school record. so yeah.

sleeepy. it's fall back, so i have an extra hour. hopefully i'll spend it sleeping :)
g'night mates

~ r