Saturday, November 8, 2008

11.08 : recent buys and craves

above, from left to right: faux fur coats, ebay; dress, gloves & boots, f21.

yeah, i'm having a major faux fur jacket craving. unfortunately, there's nowhere within 50 miles of here to get one, so i'm turning to NY and CA (via ebay) for mine. fingers crossed i can get at least one... haha, it's sort of an investment. if i get it/them, hopefully i'll take to them like a fish to water and not waste about $50. :P
as for the boots, i just want them. never mind the $50 price tag, i need some tall michigan-esque boots that are still, you know, acceptable. as in, non-ugly.
the dress and gloves, just random.

one of those chilly fall days good for either shopping or being inside... i chose shopping, and got a black cloche (finally!), a(nother) gray pashmina, and a basic navy sweater.
since i'm already in my (oh so comfy) pajamas, i've enlisted my eeyore to model my hat...the scarf & sweater i'll post sometime soon... have i forgotten to post something? maybe. but it's 12:07 am and i'm sleeepy, so ciao.

~ r

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