Monday, November 10, 2008

a bunch of outfits...

so yeah. it is officially COLD here... we only ran like 3 1/2 due to the chilliness (and laziness)...
ici est les vetements d'hier...

my dad did a closet "purge" (for him, 3 sweaters and some ratty Ts), so this one is officially MINE now. :)
sweater: dad's closet boots: ?? macy's (gift from aunt) socks: target belt: little brother's scarf: walmart (surprising... also surprisingly soft)

hmm, this one... the sweater itself is questionable, but warm & cozy. so here it is. (sweater: little brother's outgrown; jeans: aeropostale)

this is just... i wanted to wear this bright BRIGHT red jacket of my mom's that she never wears... i like the color. same jeans; jacket: mom's closet

this is another sweater i inherited from mi padre... crappy picture i know, but i was running out of time (and battery life on my camera...) sweater: dad's closet

this was mainly to incorporate the linen jacket... a very bland outfit, color-wise. also, the hat. yay :) (skirt - target; shoes - ??; jacket - mom's closet; hat - target)

head shot of the hat... i'm seriously thinking of going back and getting the purple one as well. :) cloche - target

hmm, any other updates? i didn't get a fur jacket yet, but i'm going to look into it pretty soon... see if that one is back up on ebay. i hope so. because it's COLD now.
hmm, not much else. ciao for now.

~ r

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