Saturday, November 1, 2008

party // bonfire // latest buy: boots

slept in till 11:30, then went for a quick shop. got 2 thermals and diba suede black 4-inch boots with bows. LOVE! [will post a pic later, when i can find one online or my camera is fixed]
sarah's party: fun, except for the scary/creepy movie part. (psycho & the beginning of 28 weeks later).
patti's bonfire: good. capture the flag, stargazing, bonfire, food. lost my phone, then found it.

XC report: guys got 8th (AGH), girls got 14th. matt got 6th, but broke the school record. so yeah.

sleeepy. it's fall back, so i have an extra hour. hopefully i'll spend it sleeping :)
g'night mates

~ r

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