Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12.09 - sarongs et blazers

haha oui - i mean, yes - i really did type "et" in the title en lieu d'"and"... i guess i really am going french. :P
anyway, i found/rediscovered my 2 sarongs in my closet and was messing around with them. i'm so excited for spring/summer now, i'm going to get some more and *live* in these things. they're unbelievably comfy and lightweight, and - as shown - can work great with blazers and the like. whee!
wraps: orchid lane. shoes: thrifted? (i don't remember). blazer: f21.

j'achete aussi un manteau de target...

ehh i'll fix this later... mon computer (agh!) is being tres stupide, et il seulement a 147 MB libre... ainsi, bonne nuit jusqu'il plus trop...

~ r

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