Friday, December 26, 2008

12.26 // russian chic, sick cats, mink hats, and more

With the weather being as it is - disgustingly cold - I've been thinking about russian clothes, their traditional gowns and especially the royal court's elaborate, ornate, over-the-top, ridiculously expensive wardrobe. (They're all dead now, but their clothes live on...) Also, I can't argue with the abundant furs in Moscow... god, I'd love to go there (and just about everywhere else in the world).

Also on my mind: a fur pillbox hat of my own. I had one ready to bid on, then I realized it was about 4 inches too big for my head; as my dad kindly pointed out, it would cover my whole face. So that was a bit of a disappointment.

Which brings us to my inspiration board du jour...

I'm really loving how knee-length, high-waisted full skirts are in. (When I go shopping on monday, I'm going to end up buying at least 2, I think. I hope.) I also like the tulle/ballerina trend. And the hats & gloves trend.

My current Top 10 list:
1. wildly printed, high-waisted skirts
2. tulle/ballerina-style skirts
3. black shield stripper wedges
4. anything fur (hats, vests, coats, muffs... oh yeah, I'd love a muff, too)
5. patterned tights (lace & flowers, not colored tights. I stick to black & gray)
6. hats of all shapes & sizes (I particularly like the Russian pillbox mink hats, top hats, bowlers, and slouchy beanies & berets
7. ridiculous shoes (spike heels, weird-shaped wedges, feathers, cutouts, you name it...)
8. sweeping, elegant dresses (gowns is a more accurate term, I think)
9. black or metallic leggings (worn with oversize tees and heels)
10. military-style anything: gloves (urban outfitters have some sweet ones that I'm craving), coats/jackets/blazers (*groan*), shoes, hats... I love it all!

And our new cat turned out to be really sick and 10 years older than the adoption lady claimed. He's back at the pet store now (I feel bad, but we didn't want our other cat to get sick, and my mom's other "once in a lifetime" cat died last year, and she didn't want to go through having another one quit on her).

Off to eat dinner (my first meal of the day... I really procrastinated today!), then movie night.

~ r

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