Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12.30 // a plethora of outfits, a myriad of clothes

went shopping yesterday, probably spent more than i should have... but got some good stuff. took pictures of it today...
12.30 // mixing lime and blue4669399162
skirt (pashmina), orchid lane. top, old navy. blazer, old navy. shoes, thrifted.

12.30 // black and blue all over4564083039
skirt, top, & clutch - old navy.
no shoes because i don't have any that really go with this. unfortunately, i ran out of money yesterday. this outfit is my favorite of the 3.

12.30 // ready for spring4306324582
top - JCP. shorts - target. shoes - thrifted. sunglasses (!) - claire's.
this one made front page at chictopia :)

I got the sunglasses with a gift card at Claire's... circular tortiseshell 60's-ish. I love them :)
Got the tank at JCP, rather surprisingly - picked up a pair of super cheap jeans there too ($15!). Good shopping day.

Wow sorry, this is sort of a crap post - I'm going to work on the bw&chic entry about rocker/chic/grunge/80's a bit more.

~ r

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