Monday, December 22, 2008

12.21 // last-minute christmas shopping, tree troubles, WIND, and indian food

...makes for a busy day!
sorry, don't have any outfits to post... some inspiration, though, after eating at this new indian place, India Gate.
i'm getting some ideas with fabrics/patterns and applying it to different cuts... more on that later. got a jacket at target, woot, and (yet another) blue pashmina. mmm, buttery soft! just what i need, since the temperature with now - windchill included - is about -12 degrees. AGH. why do i live here again??
oh well. ciao for now.

~ r

ps: missed out on the hat; was out shopping. oh well, there are plenty more... i think i want a taller one anyway. (urban outfitters had a good faux fur one a while back, wonder if it's still there... hmm. must look into that.)


bethany:D said...

your blog is really cool and funny

i'd follow it if i could find the button

becca said...

thanks :)

...yeah, i haven't gotten around to putting one on yet... maybe i should :P