Sunday, December 28, 2008

12.28 // early in the morning

sorry I haven't posted in... days, I've been busy... hopefully I'll catch up tomorrow. Er, today. We've had a heat wave - it went up to almost 60 today. Weird, innit? (Haha yes, I've been watching British old comedies again. Thanks, A. A whole night of it. Man that was fun...) Finally went to see TWILIGHT... mmm, Edward.

Came home, did nothing, ate a quesodilla, and watched 27 Dresses with M. mmm, james... he's just so CUTE in that movie, physically and personality-wise. Of course we started looking at wedding dresses. Who doesn't?? :P

Well I'm off, I really should sleep more. Agh, haven't run in about 3 days and feel like an absolute WHALE. Pip pip cheerio and all that.

~ r

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