Friday, December 19, 2008

12.19 // first snow day! and fur coats, a guide to

yesterday, it was the talk of the school. this morning, it was the hope of the school. later this morning it was the dream-come-true of the school... the Big Storm of '08!
yes, it's snowing like there's no tomorrow here in michigan. it's making me think about fur coats/the general fur trend. so i wrote a review & a forum thing for chictopia, here they are...

it's the Next Big Thing. but the public opinion seems to be divided, either because they're for PETA or they just think they're ugly.(mostly, i've encountered the latter).
personally, i am thrilled that fur is coming back... it's chic, cute, versatile, and - above all - warm! (i live in michigan, so that's a MUST). i got my faux fur silver/gray coat on ebay; i don't do a whole lot of ebay shopping, i prefer to go to the store myself, so i was a little apprehensive. when i got it though, i was thrilled beyond belief and have been wearing it practically every day since.
so. fur coats: in and loving them!

fur was all over the runways… still is, actually. all over chictopia people are rushing to thrift stores, vintage stores, and ebay to find the Coat. the perfect one. so many decisions, though…what length? what color? closure or no closure? real or faux? it never ends.
when you’re deciding which way to go, first think about how you’re going to wear it most – dressed up or down? with jeans or leggings? etc. that will help narrow down the style, at least… although fur coats are usually quite versatile.
color: simply pick the one that will look best with you (your hair in particular); i.e., i have brown hair, so i got a silver/gray/white coat, as brown wouldn’t work well with my hair.
length: there are generally 4 lengths for coats: short (hip), medium (mid-thigh), knee-length, and floor length. (only go floor length if you really are daring enough to pull it off! if not, it’ll sit around and gather dust forever). mine goes about mid-thigh, which i like because it’s long enough to (a) provide coverage = warmth, and (b) be dressed up or down. i usually wear mine with heels of some kind, because i’m short & need the height and therefore am always wearing heels; plus it helps lengthen my silhouette.
oh, and mine is faux fur… i’m against wearing animals, generally. (although i have been eying a vintage mink pillbox hat for a while now…)

will post photos later, i'm still in PJs as of now (10:29 am... can't expect me to get dressed first thing on a snow day, can you?)


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