Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12.23 // inspiration: axl rose, hendrix, balmain

so it seems that the 80s grunge-rocker-chic look has returned. I'm ok with that. (I have yet to try on a pair of black matte rubber leggings and stripper-ish heels, so we'll see how that works out...) but anyway, I can really relate to it. I love retro music - Hendrix, the Stones, the Beatles, GnR, etc - so... I dunno. I know how they dress(ed, as the case may be - RIP Jimi Hendrix, Rock God).

When Balmain brought out their round shouldered band jackets, it was - is - a tidal wave of collective GAASSSPPPP I LOVE THEM!! However, not everyone has a few thousand to drop for a jacket. So you'll have to thrift it, eBay it, or DIY it (good luck with that!)
My shopping list for the 80s thing:
- black leggings
- black spike heels
- leather moto jacket (I need to just go out and GET one, goddammit! I've never gotten around to it, sad as that is)
- vintage band tees, oversized & normal
- BAND JACKET (easier said than done - I need to find the *perfect* one before i invest in it. And trust me, I've been looking.)
- big black clutch with studs

I've also been sketching some prelim 80's-esque stuff, some of which - in my opinion, anyway - is pretty damn sweet and I would wear everywhere. If I could sew, that is. GOD I have to learn!!! Anyone interested in helping?? :P

Will do an outfit post later, I have to eat breakfast/lunch (yeah, I'm a procrastinator) and get read for a party.

~ r

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