Tuesday, July 22, 2008

raining again... let them eat pizza!

*sigh* yes, another rainy day... but i made do by organizing my closet, playing guitar, doing 70 pushups, doing random stuff on my computer, and catching up on some fashion reading. also i had an eye appointment, and during that i read a few articles in LUCKY about Leighton Meester and Zooey Deschanel, and saw a fair number of inspiring pieces...
anyway, after being home for 45 minutes, i rushed over to m's (after quickly putting on some shorts, as i was in the middle of trying on jeans) for a lock-in meeting which i had thought was tomorrow. we planned for about 30 minutes and talked for about 90. J was actually nice, and there was a russian growling incident... amusing.
i've also noticed that i've begun to talk in a slightly brit accent sometimes, from watching so much QI. i'm onto season four now.
but as it's 12:17 a.m., i need to toodle off to bed. with the thought of not running and studying for health looming over me like a dark cloud, or a very burnt cookie.

~ r

ps: there's a thing called the GIRL PROJECT, where you basically take pix with a camera they send you, send it back, and see if they get in the book/website. it's rather interesting actually. i'll keep you posted.
whoever "you" are.

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