Saturday, July 5, 2008

the morning after

haha, not what you're thinking. but OW yeah my boobs hurt. for no apparent reason, i guess.

anyways, today was basically filled with lots of noise in the form of, in approximate order:
the kids across the street (9 a.m.)
the trucks at the parade
the beeping at the registers at kroger
the highway sounds
the jets at the air show (WHOOOOSH very loud! also i got sunburned on one side mostly, which is just oodles of fun.)
bottle rockets
the cat meowing a lot
sirens as i type this
and soon, me snoring (or not... i don't snore, but you get the point) as i sleep. mmm.

oh, i didn't make it to the party at S's today... hmm. too bad.

zzz-ily and patriotically yours,

~ r

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