Saturday, January 10, 2009

1.10 // just quick because i have 3 more BS sentences to pull out of my arse for essay&anal

wore this yesterday to josh's party.
1.09 // fete d'anniversaire5666553856
1.09 // v 2.0

scarf – orchid lane
hat – ??
jacket – deb’s (i usually don’t find stuff there, but this was $9, so whatever)
jeans – target
shoes – DSW

as i said, can't spend time on this - got to write 3 more sentences for e&a, write 1 more paragraph on fashion for history (a tad more enjoyable), and make a time line of WW1. oh, and make a french plot for a "santa's actually in the mafia" comic.

whoppee. probably should've spent less time watching BLACK BOOKS today, but hey... it's addictive.

actually ran today was well, which was nice.

~ r

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