Saturday, October 4, 2008

it's been simply AGES, dahling...

sorry, it's been *ages* since my last post. umm, not much has happened, except...
1. my shin is STILL bugging me, but i think i'll be able to run on tuesday (milford), and i PRd by a minute at falcon a week or so ago.
2. portage invite was today... LONG day, and i got sunburned. but it was absolutely beautiful! but, since...
3. my camera is broken, i couldn't take pix. so i used annie's camera.
4. also, ben asked me to homecoming... i said i already had plans, but i'd be there, and we agreed to a movie at some point. i think.

and that's about it. my grades are looking a bit more stable now, and homecoming is NEXT WEEK woot!! i'm getting my dress tomorrow, plus maybe some SPANDEX. buahahaa. idk.
yeah i'm tired. the bus ride home was SOOO crazy fun. grace + annie + ipods + dancing = PARTTTTTYYY.

everyone had their hair french braided today, mine didn't look half bad. i want to learn how.
ok now i really have to go.
peace and love and rock n' roll,

~ r

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