Friday, April 10, 2009

4.9 // attack of the french nerds

Gorgeous day... got my license yesterday, which is lucky because my mom's car died, so I had to come pick her up. Lucky, lucky, lucky, ouais?
Mini-shoot with J today, which was fun. I've been shopping loads, I've pretty much given up on documenting all my recent buys. Stocking up for summer and whatnot.
4.9 // attack of the french nerds10847834064
dress, glasses - F21. socks, sweater - target. shoes - gojane.
Haha yes, I got some of those glasses. You know, I figured out I'm the person who goes in and actually buys the stuff that everyone else sees and sort of laughs at, maybe tries on for fun... but I'm totally wearing these to school.
Hmm. Nearly 1 am. Maybe I should go to bed....
~ r

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