Monday, May 4, 2009

5.04 // absentee post (sort of)

hola, bonjour, ciao, salut, etc...
haven't been on here in ages due to a silly CAMERA MALFUNCTION. again. I think I might need a new one...
Still haven't run - my hip's still, STILL, messed up.

I got back from PA lateish yesterday, but stayed up till about 12:30 typing up my notes I took from my grandfather's stories about the coal mines and being in the Navy... cool stuff. A quote:

"Back in those days, all you had to do was put on your [Navy] uniform and stand on the side of the road, not even stick out your thumb or nothing, and someone'd pull over and say, 'Where to, sailor?' ...The uniform meant a lot more back then."

Pretty cool. He talked about about two hours with me scribbling furiously while he talked of Hong Kong orphan girls, submarine tests, and rats in mines. Of course, I later found out that my parents had heard all of it before and could've told them to me later... oh well, I enjoyed it. I'm thinking about emailing him (if I think he can handle it) and getting more details... he hitchhiked from San Diego to DC to Pennsylvania - to visit his girlfriend (my g-ma) and back to CA. Dude. Life just isn't that cool anymore.

Outfit du jour: new(ish) target knit skirt, super comfy for my slacker days (I'm definitely getting at least one more of those...), H&M tank (also super comfy), and wedges that are a bit too big for me (not quite so comfy, but they look cool).
cosy knits rock my socks5996295788
Oh, F21 ring as well. Really it's purple, but it turned out pinkish in this. It's the same colour of my shirt. I matched today. :D

~ r

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