Monday, August 10, 2009

8.10 // rummage sale wonders

Today was the first day of setup for our church rummage sale, which means the youth group sorts through everybody’s crap (read: candleholders, knit-covered hangers, foldable potty seats, muddy boots, etc.) and sets it up on lots of long tables. The vast majority of the stuff is clothes: lots and lots and lots of 80s suits and jumpers and generally ugly stuff.

Yeah. The vintage stuff we get is mostly smelly, hideous, XXL grandma-style laciness. You know, old church lady clothes.
The plus: they also tend to bring in – along with their oversize purple curtain-pattern vests, ziplock bags full of vintage jewelry, aka fantastic rings and funky 80s necklaces. Oh, that and I scrounged up a pair of levi’s cutoffs, which are a tad snug but hey, they’re free!

rummage sale wonders10239004758

skirt – ON
scarf – orchid lane
shoes – vint?
necklace, rings, skinny bracelet – vint!
cuff, earrings – F21

I couldn't get good ring shots by myself, so I had my little brother wear them like I was, haha...

rummage sale wonders

desat heart by you.

focal heart by you.

Well, those two were on me... haha.

And from yesterday, aka The Day of the Longest Mass EVER (not really, but really)

longest mass everlongest mass ever

longest mass ever

[I was sitting happily at home, content in the rain outside and me in my fashion grotto inside, when I was told we’d be attending church tonight instead of tomorrow morning. I threw this on (plus a sweater that only detracts from it, hence its exclusion) and was basically called a prostitute. I ask you, what’s wrong with this? How is it whorish? I simply don’t understand my parents’ brains.

Dress – F21
bag – charlotte russe
heels – vint
scarf (as belt) – orchid lane]

OK, I'm off to, umm... do stuff. Ciao.

~ r

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