Thursday, August 6, 2009

flickr updates: my latest photography jaunts...

Voici, un hodgepodge des miens photos... regardez tout les photos sur mon flickr...

track-workout-turned-photoshoot with brittany:
Brittany IV by you.

Brittany III by you.

Brittany II by you.

Brittany by you.

At Devin's grad party (last one of the season, finally!) Pam had a new haircut...

Pam IV by you.

Pam III by you.

Pam by you.

...and some miscellaneous shots (beach, vacation, etc.)
zen by you.

sunglasses II by you.

ripples by you.

splash II by you.

waves on their way in by you.

in-grass-supersat by you.

DSC_0045resize by you.

Michelle by you.

Lake Michigan II by you.

Carbs Ahoy! by you.

mmm, pie by you.

life-altering fries, these... by you.

a little too much nature? by you.
a little too much nature in that last one... haha.

Yup. My forays into digital SLR photography have begun... As I said, Nikon D60, and the lens I'm using is an 18-75mm.
~ r

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