Sunday, September 6, 2009

9.6 // Beach shoot with Annie

Went to the beach on the second-to-last-day-of-Summer with Annie, mostly to take photos... her benefit: practice smiling for senior pictures; mine: taking pictures, haha. Pretty nice weather, but there were some little kids at the beach who slightly detracted from the experience... All in all a very good day, though. (It somehow ended with me running around the house with two bananas on the side of my head, acting like a gorilla. Yes, I am weird around my family, it's what bonding time does to me).
See all my photos on flickr (or all all these on facebook).

Annie with Flower by you.

annie-02 by you.

annie-03 by you.

Jump, Annie, Turn! by you.

annie-04 by you.

Spin, Annie, Spin! by you.

annie-07 by you.

Annie's Jump by you.

second to last day of summer sky by you.

...and me with the bananas around 11...

Bear in mind that this is a really, really terrible picture of me and I don't always look like this.

One more day of summer!
~ r

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