Monday, September 7, 2009

9.7 // Up too late on the last day of summer...

Yeah, I should’ve gone to bed about 55 minutes ago, but I got distracted… the new clothes hanging on my doors were irresistible. Despite the heat and humidity, I threw on my new buttery soft grey turtleneck and this cute little fur collar I got today over a black lace corset. (Something about the corset being hidden under such an innocuous piece, the grey turtleneck, makes me giggle. Teehee. That’s one article of clothing my dad definitely won’t reimburse me for…)

The weather today was definitely not summer weather. In fact, it seemed to be mocking all us poor suckers who are legally bound to dive back into the drudgery and tedium of school life. The only good thing about this time of year is… you guessed it!… the clothes. The delicious sweaters, the skirts and tights, the boots… I don’t know if it’s just fashion-obsessed ladies or girls in general, but it seems to me that the clothes make going back to school worth it. I know that it’s not just me who tries on fall stuff in the middle of July and envisions herself crunching through leaves in soft brown vintage leather boots while the fall sunlight perfectly highlights her hair… There’s something magical about the combination of fall weather and fall clothes. It fits so perfectly. The weather iscomfortable to wear stuff in: summer, it can easily be too hot or sticky, and winter can just be too damn cold, especially in Michigan. Spring’s pretty good, just tends to be slushy. So fall is perfect.

As you may have ascertained, I went shopping today – in F21, I took in about 20 things, came out with four: a Pink Floyd tee (I know, I actually bought a tee shirt. Weird. But it’s Pink Floyd.), a black lace corset (teehee), grey harem pants (that are ridiculously soft and comfy!), and a lovely gaudy gold flower ring. Grabbed my turtleneck and fur collar at H&M, and resisted a $60 fur vest… it wasn’t quite the perfect one I’m looking for (ridiculously puffy blonde Mongolian fur).

Sorry the pictures are complete crap…



crop top – UO
jeans – target
boots – gojane
hat – f21
necklace – vint

Haha I’m up way too late. Oh well. Getting up at 5:50 tomorrow, an hour less of sleep won’t make much difference at this point… I”m going to drag myself from 7:30 to 10:45, then take the bus home and most likely go back to sleep until XC. Haha. Damn. School. Night.

~ r

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