Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2.03 // home sick... ergo, dress up :)


Haha… yup I’m home sick playing dress up… the tunic ended up a tad short in this photo, I think…
And the glasses: because apparently my corneas are filled with agitated white blood cells and my eyes need to fix themselves (since I had a “rare but severe” reaction to the steroid eye drops yesterday). So I’ll be wearing them for at least 2 weeks, sans contacts. Blech.

2.03 // little sick whore4402893820


Hat – f21
top – f21
shoes – gojane
socks – target
necklace – thrifted
earrings – f21
glasses – main street optometry :P

2.03 // pencil me in3176834549


I don’t know why these pictures didn’t turn out, really. The lighting was excellent… noon and sunny. Stupid cameras.

New pencil skirt for only $20 – gray denimish with pockets.

skirt – kohl’s
top – jcp
tights – ? gift
shoes – gojane
earrings – f21

Blech. Off to nap/do some & pushups/slave away at homework.
~ r

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itsajday said...

I love the purple top, that and the skirt are a really beautiful outfit