Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2.17 // major outfit catchup

Wow, I really haven't posted in forever... I got a couple new pieces and it's nice today and there's no school, so here goes...

2.17 // 80's remix11075223015
My proudest creation du jour... Inspired partially by MJ's fall '09 collection, which was extremely 80's-based.
dress – gift
scarf – orchid lane
shoes – gojane
glasses – mom’s, vint
earrings – some beach shop

winterfest [belated]
Ha ha, from winterfest forever ago... Dress, F21. Shoes, Gojane. Bag, F21.2.17 // anxious for spring9714675501
Going to sexy-simple-chic with vintage glasses, DIY cutoffs, and quasi-stripper heels (Gojane). And a messy bun. I actually really like this one - can't wait until it's actually warm enough to feasibly wear this!
2.17 // not quite sure10611528921
Sort of a weird 60's mafia member? I dunno what I was going for here... I sort of like it, though... whatever it is...
Blazer – sal army
hat – target
shoes – gojane
skirt – target
sweatervest – aero
glasses – mom’s vint

And the $8 Target dress! Love the colour & cowl neck, and it feels super silky... and the tights (target) are really comfy too, with a very subtle lacey pattern... love this. Oh, hat from F21.
2.17 // find the river7176588290

So yup. I've been posting pretty much daily on BWchic, hence the absence here... also I haven't worn anything interesting in... years. It's so sad. :(
HEY! tights under shorts! durrr.
lol. TTFN.

~ r


Sexy Sadie said...

hey I found your blog in chictopia... I still can't get over the green cape lol... and your f21 hat! man I wish I had f21 in mexico!


becca said...

haha thanks! OMG that's so sad, you don't have F21? I'm so sorry :(

frenchie jane said...

amazing outfits! thanks for your comment! <3

Shirley said...
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