Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2.04 // outfits

{in the trenches}

Haha, such a cliche title. Oh well. Home sick again… though really, more [pathologically] tired than sick. Slept for 12 hours, plus a nap, and I’m still dead tired.

2.04 // in the trenches7998812168

Trench – london fog (mom’s)
jeans – jcp
shoes – gojane
top – brother’s

{a cape and a cat}

2.04 // a cape and a cat1873081371


This cape is actually green, but the colour’s off in these pictures. Whatever.
Guest appearance by my quasi-evil cat, Pascal! :)

Cape – mom’s
boots – payless
cardi – f21
belt – brother’s
glasses – claire’s

Off to do some catch-up AmLit work. Blech.

~ r

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