Monday, August 11, 2008

...and i was reckoned. by 2%.

yes folks that's right. i failed by 2%!!!!!! ag. plus i cried in the library, to my utter embarrassment, but i totally couldn't help it. aggg.
so i'm going to try to persuade mrs foyle (i think it was her) to let me present my thing anyway, b/c if i do it'd raise my grade enough to pass.
i think.
so yeah. then we ran - first official xc practice! - and i totally had NO ENERGY at all. i'd eaten, like, cereal and a banana and a hershey kiss before that. so i was pretty much starving. >:P
deep-dish pizza for dinner tho, which was good but now i'm swollen like a pregnant puffer fish.

disgustedly yours,
~ r

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