Monday, August 4, 2008

fun en la soliel!

that's 'fun in the sun' for all you non-francais speakers! and yes, i did have lots of FITS today... although the first fun wasn't too sunny... that was running and hanging out with K until about noon... starting at 6:30 AM. yes, that ungodly hour when many people were just entering their third or fourth hours of sleep. we ran about 4 1/2 through many flies - i swear we sprinted about 3/4 a mile just to get away from them, evil things. then we proceeded to get stranded under a tree at the park while it rained. true, we could have walked home even in the rain, but ehh... we just weren't feeling it.
the second half of my day was much sunnier and fun(nier)...
M and i went down to the beach for a few hours, during which we tanned, compared butts, frizzed our hair, covered our toes in sand, got in the water slowly, ran in and jumped a bunch of different ways, ran on the beach, and generally had lots of fun. :)
but alas, now it's time to buckle down on this stupid health project... so it's au revoir pour maitnent!

~ r

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