Monday, August 25, 2008


for not posting sooner.

at all.

i just haven't had the chance to, which sounds like a totally lame excuse, but is actually quite, umm... verifiable? i don't know. anyway, this one won't be about band camp, but i'll get around to that soonish.
so today was excellent, the weather was *amazing*... i didn't wake up to run peach mtns, but i ran 4 and did a 3,2,1 workout (with jesse on skates). i got depressed after dinner though, about how slow/lazy/unmotivated i was about running/xc. also feeling a bit flabby. *sigh*
but i watched 27 dresses and had a bit of cookies n' cream ice cream (deeelish!), so james made me feel awlllll bettewr. :)

~ r

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