Thursday, August 14, 2008

did i post yesterday? i don't recall...

well at any rate, here i am now. so here goes.
umm, precamp (today and yesterday) was fine... today david had me drill our section b/c i squeezed the most toothpaste out of a tube AND won the march off. also they had me not do vocals b/c i was too loud to hear the freshmen over. :)
lets see... well my voice is quite hoarse. not too terrible, i guess, but to me it sounds funky. i got the lyre, strap, etc... today after precamp too.
ok well i am super tired. OH wait, dang it, the meeting. ok so there was the band meeting later, and not much happened...
1. J and A were acting all married-ish with jacob
2. K(irstyn) asked if they were going out (!)
3. tennis ball massages
4. K found my perfect massage spot... and i boob-thrusted in D and P's faces practically. D's eyes were about the same size as the tennis ball. it was funny.

ok, that's about it. no run today, but hopefully 2mrw before mass (agh) i'll run quick, like 3 or 4.

tiredly yours,
~ r

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