Wednesday, August 6, 2008

long, brutal day ahead of me...

...although some of the brutal is behind me now - the 8 peach mtns we did, plus we took the long way back.
in a word, OW.
so now i'm sitting here thinking about lunch - i'm looking for yogurt of some kind - after which i'll buckle down to either:
A. health project
B. cleaning the bathroom
C. vacuuming my room
or D. hitting the beach again
all those things need to get done today, before i hit briarwood mall with C. hellooo, h&m and f21! i'm so happy. finally, shopping!
ok, well i can't be any longer on here - i have to find a shirt to throw on (which will be hard - most of my stuff's in the laundry. sigh.)

~ r

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