Friday, August 15, 2008

Party Report: Sarah's

Time: 5-12
Location: S's place
Overall rating: great :)
Quotes and other Funny Happenings: fruit war, ice down my shirt = SCREAM, J tipping my chair, J and A on hammock, i ran into a tree (twice!)(but not the same tree), devin and charlie <3ing the queso dip, sand hill cranes mating (D and steve and charlie), staring at someone until they notice, "dumbledore dies!" "you are SO lucky i finished book #6... SOOoooo lucky..." (david/jon), me and caitlin: "EEEEEEE" on the chair, "they wouldn't notice if there was an earthquake." (me) "well, they'd be doing this-" (grindy motion) "-so i think they'd notice.", (J) "becca peed... ice!", more ice down my shirt. (me and cait, very loudly) "I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIIIIKED IT..."

umm can't think of much else. it's 12:16 now, and apparently me, K and D are running in the a.m. so i'd better peace out.
OH, me and mom went shopping. i got:
2 pashminas (peach and brown, orchid lane)
jeans (target, xclnt!)
navy sweatervest (target again)
creamish open sweater (target again^2)
white beret (guess again ^3)
gray bow sweater (f21)
convertible bra (f21)
blue/gray argyle sweater (f21)

checked aero for my blouse, but they only had mediums and larges... :(
also no run today. :( :(
ok now i'm out fo' real.

~ r

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