Tuesday, August 5, 2008

hanging in there...

"there" being the hell that is my health project/study time. AG. i am getting SO SICK of reading about tobacco marketing campaigns and the seemingly millions of laws and regulations made against very specific areas of tobacco ads. i seriously need a smoke. haha, not really. not at all, actually - that's totally disgusting and stupid and flat out gross. but anyway, i counteracted the sheer boredom by watching the last 2 episodes of BNTM and visiting M. we finalized this friday's plans for the super summer blowout-ish thing, and confirmed that she can't go shopping with me & C tomorrow... :( yeah, we're hitting the briarwood mall tomorrow (opting out of youth group - darn, we'll miss the big 'Sign Up For Stuff You Really Don't Want To Do!' shindig. i'm sure we'll survive somehow). i'm going to get a start for my BTS wardrobe... er, fall wardrobe actually. sounds much happier.
i also had a self-shoot today, even though it totally didn't really work at all. here's my product...

so far, i haven't had a chance to run, but i might. plus there's peach mtns tomorrow... yay, right? arrivederci!

~ r

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